Wave motifs

Graphic element

Part of the visual identity are the wave motifs, acting as graphic elements, which have been inspired by the Helsinki City crest. The wave motifs express the attitude established in the brand strategy: “One Hel of an Impact”. There are six kinds of them. An added visual interest is brought to the identity by means of the wave motifs.

A wave motif may not be used as a line or be changed into a hyphen or other type patterns. However, the surface may be divided with the Tyyni (Calm) wave motif.

Wave motifs or elements similar to them must not be created. Always use original files of the element. Original vector files can be utilised by splitting, cropping or duplicating, retaining the defined shapes.

At the bottom of the page you can download the original files of the wave motifs and the animated versions of them.

Download the wave motifs (.svg, .eps)

Tyrsky (Wave) wave motif.
Tyrsky (Wave)
Värinä (Vibration) wave motif.
Värinä (Vibration)
Syke (Beat) wave motif.
Syke (Beat)
Pulssi (Pulse) wave motif.
Pulssi (Pulse)
Perus (Basic) wave motif.
Perus (Basic)
Tyyni (Calm) wave motif.
Tyyni (Calm)