Layout templates

Ready-to-use layout templates have been designed for the City of Helsinki. They include examples for content page layouting. There are stylised basic templates (Word / Arial) and multipurpose templates for professional use (InDesign / Helsinki Grotesk).

The Word template is available in two versions: with one or two columns. Both versions come with several alternative covers and the files have been itemized by theme (e.g. Color 1, Summer, Forest etc.).

Please choose the theme that best suits your work.

Professional templates

The professional templates have been planned for people who do layout. The files contain page templates and styles. You can vary, delete and edit the pages according to need. It should be done within the set boundaries of the visual guidelines. The professional templates require the use of the Helsinki Grotesk font. In case you do not have the font installed on your computer already, you can find instructions here.