Discover and use the Helsinki visual identity with the aid of these guidelines

Uniform visual identity

The goal of the City’s visual identity is to build a uniform and recognisable image for Helsinki; the visual image is its most visible element.

The Helsinki logo is derived from the traditional City crest and the colour palette of the image is based on colours that can be seen and recognised in Helsinki. Today the traditional Helsinki crest is only used on rare occasions, for example ceremonious occasions.

Being able to recognise the logo, colours and design elements is only possible through unifying the whole City organisation to follow the same visual guidelines. Everyone gets an easily recognisable image that encompasses all City services, and take pride in their own home town.

The visual identity makes the City of Helsinki’s brand strategy visible by standardising all marketing and communications carried out by the City of Helsinki. In effect we will gain more media coverage and the investments will become more profitable. This is vital in making Helsinki more desirable to international businesses, students and tourists.

In the future, Helsinki will be better known for its influential people, acts and encounters.  Our attitude ”One Hel of an impact” challenges you to think big, and encourages you to carry out exceptional deeds. This gives you the opportunity to make Helsinki to stand out from other cities. Helsinki is a place where you can make a difference for the good of the whole world, with people who are passionate about making a difference.

These guidelines for the City of Helsinki’s visual identity describe which elements the visual identity is made up of and how they are to be used in different situations and applications.

The Helsinki brand pyramid.